Those 2 sentences inspire me to exist in this folding bike business.

We start selling folding bike when nobody willing to sell that. I believe, the folding bike is the bike of future where people will need them for mobility/transport and travelling because of its size. In the future where space for living is more limited and more expensive, you will more need FOLDING BIKE.

In One Bike Shop, we don’t sell cheap folding bikes but you need to consider the ‘value’ of the folding bike instead of the price. Since not everybody need the same model of folding bike, we will give you a recommendation which folding bike for you. So …please come and visit us….





Time Lines:

2007 –  Start selling Dahon folding bike in Jakarta from my house.

2008 –  One Bike Shop (OBS) founded and 1st shop in Bintaro, Tanggerang Selatan.

              Pointed as exclusive dealership from Bike Friday, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

             1st Bike Friday Tikit in Indonesia, sold to Arie ‘Esmod’

             1st Bike Friday New World Tourist, sold to Anto ‘Boti’ and later on he re-paint

              and famous as ‘Indonesia Satoe’

2009 –  Start selling Brompton, as Indonesia dealer

2010 –  Acquire dealership from Tommasini (www.tommasini.it) and Carrera

             (www.carrera-podium.it ).

2011 – A new shop in prime shopping area, STC Senayan, with help by customer to

              redesign the shop, Sukendro (one of the famous Architect in Indonesia).

2012 – Acquire dealership for KHS folding bike (Taiwan brand)

2013 – Relocation shop in same area for better position (3 sides glass wall).



Best regards,

Iwan OBS

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